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Basic Cooking Terms for Healthy Home Chefs



Are you the type of at-home cook who uses the same technique for “grilling” as you do for “sautéing”? Using the proper cooking techniques can make or break a nutritious dish, but many people don’t know the true meaning of most of these terms. This helpful list will ensure that you use the most effective […]

Healthy Seafood Recipes for Lunch or Dinner



Many home chefs are often intimidated by preparing seafood, either because of its delicate texture or because they simply don’t know which types to buy. These tasty and nutritious recipes can take the guesswork out of cooking with fish, shrimp and other types of seafood. Baja-Style Salmon Tacos Unlike many restaurant tacos, this recipe adds […]

Cream Of The Crop: Essential Farmers’ Market Eats


Farmer’s markets are cropping up all over the country, as people become more and more interested in getting food from local sources. Producers are bringing fresh food at great prices. Here are five foods you should certainly try from the farmer’s market next time you go: Eggs are one of the best things to get […]

Five Healthy and Convenient Pack-It-Yourself Office Lunches


Lunch is, for many Americans, the least healthy meal of the day. Shrinking lunch breaks and fast food restaurants on every corner make it too easy to eat bad food in the middle of the workday. Packing your own lunch is much healthier, but it can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Here are some ideas for […]

Great Grains: Five Exceptional Rice Recipes


Rice is one of the major staple grains for cultures the world over, and it’s incredibly diverse. You can prepare it a number of different ways and it melds well with all kinds of flavors. If you’re sick of plain white rice with a little salt and butter, here are five different ways to make […]

Five of the Planet’s Healthiest Foods


As a New Year swings into motion, many people make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether or not you’ve put “better health” at the top of your resolutions list this year, you’ll benefit from adding some of these nutrient-dense superfoods into your diet:   Kale Kale is a dark green leafy vegetable that is […]

Great Chili Ideas


Chili is a fabulous one pot meal – and one of the most popular. Everyone has their own take on this dish, but if you're looking for some inspiration, here are some of the most popular regional variants, as well as some essential tips to keep in mind before you start cooking. Chili, obviously, is […]

Five Best Post-Workout Foods


Everybody loves the buzz that comes from a good workout, so why not make that rush of well-being last as long possible by fueling your body with the best post-exercise nutrition? Here are five of the best ways to give your body what it needs after you’ve worked up a sweat: Fruit & Protein Fruit […]

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